v0.9.5 Changelog

changes in this update (v0.9.5):

-fixed various bugs, mainly relating to improper movement between tiles, improper looted item phasing, and encounter looping

-fixed typos and improved text reading flow of certain encounters

-added map

-improved scaling functionality for playing in various resolutions

-re-designed the UI and layout of your inventory and the text logs

future feature goals:

-finish the final boss encounter, which has not been fully implemented yet (when I get this done, I will publish v1.0)

-add a "rumors" log, which you fill out as you explore and find or hear rumors, that gives you hints on content that is available as well as mechanics that may not be apparent


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Jan 19, 2018

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future feature goals:

-add icons to the map that display:

  • significant features of tiles (such as tracks, items, corpses, interactables, etc.) 
  • indicate when there is something of interest on an undiscovered/uninspected tile
  • show dangerous/especially curious tiles and/or tile transitions (such as a cliff, which can be dangerous to climb up/down)